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Qualitative Insights Made Simple

AI-Powered Research Dialogue

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AI-Powered Data Analysis

Transform the way you analyze your research data with our AI-powered app QInsights designed for individual and organizational researchers.

Grounded in proven social science principles, makes the painstaking analysis of text data a thing of the past.

Become one of the select persons actively testing the app's capabilities. Enroll in our waitlist for a chance to unlock access in our upcoming launches.

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  • Master AI-powered tools for your research
  • Enhance your interviewing and moderating skills in this new world with AI assistance all around.

Under the guidance of Dr. Susanne Friese, a revered figure with over 30 years in the field, you will navigate the complexities of AI in research and perfect your approach to qualitative interviews and focus group moderation.

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Unleash your potential

Whether you’re analyzing interviews or focus groups, customer feedback, business performance or employee insights data, our AI assistant makes it simple and intuitive. Unleash the potential of your data today and drive smarter decisions with ease. Start transforming your data into meaningful insights now!

Feature Overview

Explore our pioneering features

Transcribe Data

Upload an audio or video file and QInsights will automatically transcribe it for you.

Analysis Embedded in Context

Our AI assistant elevates your research through contextual understanding, dynamically incorporating project details, respondent information, and ongoing dialogue into its analysis.

Unpack themes

Ask the AI assistant to help you identify themes in your data, offering a quick and easy way to explore  your data and gain an initial understanding.

Identify User Personas

Leverage our AI assistant to effortlessly create detailed user personas, helping you understand and segment your audience for more targeted and effective engagement.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis is customizable. Pull out what is negative, neutral and positive based on classification criteria that you define, e.g. the purchasing process, product usage, customer service. You name it.

Entering in dialogue with your data

Ask the AI-assistant any question about your data. It retrieves what you want to know about your data, making every interaction a step closer to deeper insights.

Combine speed and rigour without sacrificing depth of insight and richness of creativity!


Your Research, Re-energized

Qeludra embodies over 30 years of qualitative analysis expertise, crafted to empower researchers like you to navigate through vast data with ease and precision.

Created by the same brain that consulted top organizations, such as:

Experience the magic of AI-supported qualitative data analysis!


Qeludra's approach ensures I can trust the outputs and focus on deriving genuine, data-driven conclusions. What a gem in a qualitative research toolkit.

Kimberly Becker

Co-Founder, Academic Insight Lab

Probably my favorite aspect of the Qeludra app is how it augments, rather than replaces, the human element of qualitative research. I'm able to work more efficiently and explore my data more thoroughly than I ever could on my own.

Jessica Parker

Owner & CEO Dissertation by Design

Your AI-powered app makes me excited and feels like you have opened a portal and I am seeing the near future of qualitative data processing.

Luis Alfredo Loaiza

Asesor en Informática e Investigación Cualitativa AplicadaBuenos Aires- Argentina

Transform Your Qualitative Research Experience

Accessible Qualitative Research: No more steep learning curves. Our app simplifies your research process, making discovery efficient and enjoyable.

Manage Your Data with Ease: Overwhelmed by mountains of data? Whether it’s interview transcripts, focus group notes, observational records, or extensive reports, our app makes analysis not just manageable, but surprisingly fun.

Engage Creatively with Your Data: Dive deep into your data and collaborate with your AI assistant. Brainstorm ideas effortlessly, turning your workday into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.



Unlock Expert Insights

Get practical tips and tricks! Receive information about the tried-and-true best practices in data analysis with AI-driven qualitative research. Keep up with all the exciting developments and game-changing innovations in the field!

Our cutting-edge platform combines proprietary code with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), enabling you to explore and interact with your data through a conversational format.

Become one of the select researchers actively testing QInsights' capabilities. Enroll in our waitlist for a chance to unlock access in our upcoming launches.

Navigate your data with precision

Automated section and speaker identification: Effortlessly filter data by sections or speakers, thanks to our app's smart recognition capabilities. This automation streamlines the organization of your data, allowing for more focused analysis and easier access to relevant conversations or document segments.

No coding, just conversing

Imagine an AI that feels intuitive to work with. It serves as an extension of your brain, ready to delve into your data with you.  

This is research reimagined

Directly engage with your data through conversation, where the AI can effortlessly retrieve the information you seek.

Add Context

Enrich Your Analysis with Background Knowledge

With our app, you can integrate comprehensive background information, including project descriptions, research questions, objectives, and literature reviews.

Add Depth to Your Data

This feature allows you to frame your analysis within a rich context, ensuring that every piece of data is interpreted against the backdrop of your overall research goals.

Escape the dull task of tagging and managing your qualitative data. With QInsights, you can focus on your passion for discovery while it handles the rest effortlessly. No PhD required!

Leverage Key Variables for Comprehensive Insights

Enhance your data with variables that matter to your research: Categorize documents by type, location or time, etc. or tag speakers with sociodemographic variables (like gender, age, education, job).

Compare and Contrast: This feature allows for a nuanced understanding of similarities and differences across and within documents that might otherwise go unnoticed, providing a richer, more comprehensive analysis.

Provide Context

Enrich Your Analysis with Background Knowledge

Seamlessly integrate comprehensive background information such as project descriptions, research questions, objectives, literature reviews, and any other crucial concepts important to your study.

Add Depth to Your Data

This feature allows you to frame your analysis within a rich context, ensuring that every piece of data is interpreted against the backdrop of your overall research goals.

Analysis grounded in data

No Hallucinations: Our app lets you interact with your data, ensuring discoveries are firmly grounded in reality. Need to leverage the extensive knowledge of an LLM? You have that option too. You’re always in control.