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AI-Powered Research Dialogue

Qualitative Insights Made Accessible: Discover the Power of Our Research App

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Welcome to LUDRA: Where conversations lead to insights

At Qeludra, we're proud to introduce a revolutionary leap in qualitative research technology. LUDRA, our latest AI-powered app, is not just a tool—it's an extension of your intellectual curiosity, designed to transform how you interact with and analyze qualitative data.


Explore our pioneering features

Transforming traditional practices

Forget everything you know about traditional data analysis. With LUDRA, the painstaking process of coding is a thing of the past.

Enhancing contextual awareness

Our AI assistant elevates your research through contextual understanding, dynamically incorporating project details, respondent information, and ongoing dialogue into its analysis.

Entering in dialogue with your data

Ask the AI-assistant any question about your data. It retrieves what you want to know about your data, making every interaction a step closer to deeper insights..

Dive into your data with LUDRA and experience a new paradigm where analysis is not just about sorting through information—it's about engaging in an intellectual dialogue with your research.

Redefining Research

No coding, just conversing

Imagine an AI that feels intuitive to work with. It serves as an extension of your brain, ready to delve into your data with you.

This is research reimagined

Directly engage with your data through conversation, where the AI can effortlessly retrieve the information you seek.

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LUDRA is about reimagining our tools to better suit our needs, not changing our needs to fit the limitations of our tools.

Toni Rivera

Qualitative Researcher

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Context pillars

Enrich Your Analysis with Background Knowledge

With our app, you can integrate comprehensive background information, including project descriptions, research questions, objectives, and literature reviews.

Add Depth to Your Data

This feature allows you to frame your analysis within a rich context, ensuring that every piece of data is interpreted against the backdrop of your overall research goals.

Navigate your data with precision

Automated section and speaker identification

Effortlessly filter data by sections or speakers, thanks to our app's smart recognition capabilities. This automation streamlines the organization of your data, allowing for more focused analysis and easier access to relevant conversations or document segments.

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Custom Data Tagging

Tailor Your Analysis with Customizable Markers

Enhance your data with variables that matter to your research. Categorize documents by type, location or time, etc. or tag speakers with sociodemographic variables (like gender, age, education, job).

Compare and Contrast

This feature allows for a nuanced understanding of similarities and differences across and within documents that might otherwise go unnoticed, providing a richer, more comprehensive analysis.

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Analysis grounded in data

No Hallucination

In our platform, every insight is grounded in the context of your own data, ensuring the AI delivers accurate analysis without fabricating or hallucinating information.


A few words from our amazing and trusting customers

I have been an illustrator for over 15 years now. This tool allows me to manage multiple projects at once and it makes my job way easier. Such a time saver.

Suzy Huller


I can now easily keep track of my team and all on-going projects. No need to search through files and folders to see who completed the task. It's great!

Mark Jonhson

Social Media

This tool is life changing! I can start organized and easily coordinate schedules with my colleagues. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Kimberly Lee

Project Coordinator

Your Research, Reenergized

LUDRA embodies over 30 years of qualitative analysis expertise, crafted to empower researchers like you to navigate through vast data with ease and precision.

Made by the same company that has assisted top organizations, such as:

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