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Compliance and Information Security


LUDRA is an AI research tool produced by Qeludra B.V. We are a Dutch company. The tool consists of a chat-based interface that is able to search, summarise and answer questions about user uploaded qualitative research material such as interview transcripts.

Data Handling and Privacy·      

  • Uploaded files will be encrypted in transit and at rest using web security standards (TLS / AES-256)·      
  • The application are retained on servers hosted by AWS in Frankfurt (eu-west-1 (EU).·      
  • Derived outputs (vectors, features) are stored and processed on GCP servers in The Netherlands.·        
  • Data can only be accessed by the associated user account and, if on a team plan, by any linked organisation they are a member of.·        
  • Files can be deleted by the user in the platform - once this is done all data is entirely deleted including backups.·      
  • In the event of users being locked out or facing support issues our technical support can, with your express permission, access and resolve any issues with your account.

Third Party Services

We rely on the following third-party services:

Amazon Web Services        

  • Cloud provider used by us for web hosting and file storage.      
  • All instances are operated by us remotely and physically located in eu-west-1 (EU).        
  • Additional details about their data processing can be found here.

Pinecone  / Google Cloud Platform (EU)

  • Vector search provider used by us for indexing and searching files.
  • This runs on an instance hosted within Pinecone's Google Cloud Platform account in The Netherlands (europe-west4).
  • Data is retained for as long as the underlying files exist in LUDRA.
  • They can be deleted at any point from the app after which all data is removed immediately.
  • Additional details about their data processing are available here and here.


  • User Access Management for Secure Login·        
  • JSON Web Tokens are an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. For further information, see here.      
  • JWT does not process any files, uploaded or generated content.        
  • Sign in uses 2 factor authentication.      
  • User information held by JWT can be removed upon request by contact@qeludra.com·        
  • We are following best-practice rules as outlined here.

Open AI

  • AI Model provider used by us for generating text and indexes for search-        
  • We currently use the following models: GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Embeddings.        
  • Data is retained for as long as required to provide their service and prevent misuse.        
  • No data submitted to OpenAI is used for training of models either by them or by us.
  • DPA signed with OpenAI, LLC, 3180 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110.


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  • Details about their data processing are available here.

How to contact us:      

We are available 9-5 EST / Monday - Friday (CET)

We can be reached by email at support@qeludra.com.