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AI, Ethics, Data Privacy

Navigating Ethics in AI-Driven Qualitative Research - Part 1

Data Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements As AI technology, particularly generative AI, becomes more prevalent in research practices, understanding and addressing its ethical implications is crucial. This three-part series will explore the landscape of ethical research, initially setting a foundation by examining general standards....

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AI, Bias, Ethics

Looking into the Mirror: Reflection on AI and Human Bias in Research

When discussing the application of AI in qualitative research, the conversation invariably gravitates towards two pivotal concerns: bias and ethics. For some researchers, these concerns are deal-breakers, effectively ruling out the use of AI. For others, they introduce a level of discomfort and uncertainty, leading to reluctance in adopting AI...

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Historical Review

Embracing Digital Transformation: The Evolution of Qualitative Research from Tape Recorders to AI

The landscape of qualitative research has witnessed profound transformations, evolving from the days of notetaking to leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of generative AI. This journey reflects not just technological advancements but also multiple paradigm shifts in how researchers approach, analyze, and interpret qualitative

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Data Security

Beyond the Comfort Zone: The Dynamics of Technological Acceptance

In recent weeks, when introducing our new AI-based platform for qualitative data analysis LUDRA, a few people expressed some uneasiness with the new technology pointing out issues around ethics and data privacy. There was also a lively discussion around it at the recent Symposium on AI in Qualitative Research organized by the CAQDAS Networking...

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AI, Interviewing

Conversing with AI: My encounter with an Interview Bot

I recently was given the opportunity to try out Qualia (formerly StorySurvey). Qualia is a platform for designing and delivering online interviews led by an AI interviewer. Possible use cases for Qualia are: Opinion research with hundreds of anonymous contributors, where interviews are conducted at regular

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Instant analysis

Navigating the AI-Hype

A few days ago, I encountered yet another bold claim that qualitative data analysis can now be done instantly. The tool being touted not only collected the data but also, without delay, provided researchers with immediate access to the insights generated from that data, all through a fully automated

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AI, Data Analysis

Tempting generative AI into Hallucinating

...when analysing qualitative data You may have come across chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard, which are known to sometimes generate imaginative responses, a phenomenon often referred to as "hallucination." This, for instance, occurs if the chatbot faces a prompt that is not well-represented in its training data. Despite being powered by complex...

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AI, Data Analysis, Historical Review

Rethinking Qualitative Data Analysis: Do we truly want a faster horse?

You may have come across the quote: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." Although often attributed to Henry Ford, there is no evidence that he actually said it. The essence of the quote is that true innovation goes beyond customer input. While customer input is generally important for product development,...

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Data Collection, Interviewing

Will we soon talk about the AI interviewer effect?

Recently, I came across three pieces of information– one came in the form of a brochure where a company was advertising the fantastic new ways AI will transform marketing research. The second was a presentation of a new tool incorporating AI. The third was an interview in the Wall Street Journal with Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, director of the...

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Data Analysis

Sometimes you need a little bit of data and lots of right brain

At a recent market research conference, I learned about some insane qualitative datasets - insane in terms of the size or time given to collect and analyse the data. Collecting 25 interviews is a regular-sized sample for a qualitative study, but adding another four focus groups to validate the findings of the “in-depth” analysis of the...

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AI vs Human

AI-powered versus human powered qualitative data analysis

To find out how AI can benefit the analysis of qualitative data, I did an experiment based on a text I coded using software that supports qualitative data analysis. This is a bit more advanced than using paper and pencil to code data. Then I also let AI do the work. The texts I am using for this experiment are comments on a parenting blog and an...

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Data Analysis

Thinking,  fast and slow. A Framework  for Qualitative Data Analysis tools

Today, I found myself revisiting a paper I wrote in 2016 titled "Qualitative Data Analysis Software - The State of the Art." Although chatGPT wasn't yet on the horizon at that time, there were already tools available, leveraging machine learning, that promised to automate data analysis. In my paper, I employed Kahneman's framework of two modes...

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